What you don’t see.

This post is going to be completely transparent, very hard for me to write, and makes me feel very vulnerable. But, here goes anyways. I promised to always be honest with y’all!

I have officially been part of the teacher blog/instagram world for about 2 months and I have already learned so much about it and so much about myself.  I took a week long break from posting to my new Instagram  because I found myself overwhelmed with new ideas, checking to see how many new followers I had gained, and trying to figure out which kinds of posts I had made that got the most likes/traffic.  <— None of these things matter and I know this deep down,  but it really became a habit quickly, I am here to give ideas to people who care to see them and share sweet moments with my kiddos, and keep a memory of all that is the teaching world, not to impress others.  Must keep reminding myself of this!

It wasn’t until I was talking to a friend of the family who isn’t a teacher and he said “OMG Kat I just loved reading your blog, you crack me up, and offer some great words of advice, you seem like the most fun teacher!” that I became inspired again. The fact that he took time out of his busy life to read my words was so flattering, and really reminded me why I started on this venture to begin with.  One of my teacher besties who has a new baby at home told me this week too, that she hadn’t had time to read it yet, and one night during late night feeds this past week read through my old posts and is now doing alternative seating in her classroom this year, she also inspired me. Again, i was reminded of why I chose to start this all up. I don’t know what all of you believe but I know that these people were put in my path this week as gentle reminders about why I do what I do, who I am, and I am so thankful for them.

I don’t know why I let the social media world cripple me, it is so overwhelming seeing so many people producing mass quantities of things to sell on their TPT stores (I’ve sold a whole 2.00 worth of materials so far LOL), decorating their classrooms that literally belong in catalogs, all while having 3 kids at home. Im over here a dog mom, living the single life, struggling to think of one thing to create for my store, continue to go to my classroom and seem to create a bigger mess than when I began, and still can’t find time to get everything done.  So I want to type a little bit for the rest of this post about the things you don’t see in my Instagram posts,  some behind the scenes info and in all honesty a reminder to myself that even though you all might not see all that is my life, it is so busy, and I know all of you are too!  Teaching is a behind the scenes job, most of the work we do is not Pinterest/Instagram worthy, and every last bit of it is SO time consuming.

So what have I been up to since starting this blogging journal that you haven’t seen?

HOURS i mean HOURS of organizing my cabinets in my classroom. I am one of those very lucky people that has tons of built in storage (believe my I know I am lucky, I came from a classroom previously with very little) and you know what happens to those nice built ins every year? Stuff gets crammed in there. Every year my goal is to be a little more organized which means I pull everything out, and put it back in a little less haphazardly and attempt organization.  Are they all matching tubs? Nope.  Would I like them to be? Heck yes! But am I that person? Not at all. lol I am no organization guru, I use the tubs I already have, none of them will probably every match, and I’m OK with that.  If i am even a little more organized than the year before, then I have reached my goal!

Lamination! Uhhh hello! Lamination takes FOREVER, times infinity.  For all of you people who say “oh gosh I just love to cut out lamination,” you are crazy! My thumb is forever indented from all the lamination I have cut out over the years.  The only two great things about lamination is it will last a very long time, and it is a task that you can do in front of the TV, that takes zero brainpower, which is a total win!

Training for a marathon. I have posted a little about this. I haven’t always been into exercise, and have never been a runner (still am not) but I have set this goal for myself this year and intend on completing it. Things I have learned about this so far, running gives you a lot of time to think (which can be a good and bad thing), takes a lot of time to train for, and is exhausting haha.  So for all you runners reading this, you are awesome!!

Throwing my sister 2 baby showers! Those of you that know me, know I am very close to my family, and love my sister dearly.  She is due in late August and my family couldn’t be more excited. However, if you have ever thrown a shower then you know it is also very time consuming, but so rewarding seeing her get prepared for the baby and people loving on her!

Work: I have worked all summer, the opportunity presented itself to do a little work for my district. (I have never typically worked during the summer It was a big project that needed to get done and would really benefit our teachers, plus a little extra money during the summer, I took it as a win for everyone.  It took a lot of time, but I am SO glad I did it.  It actually made me want to work some during the summers, kept me in the habit of getting up in the morning, gave my a little bit of a schedule and also made me feel very productive.

More recently, I have been working on things for my classroom (which is still not finished hah), planning for PD, planning my curriculum, working on 9 weeks overviews, back to school documents, and the list goes on and on.  All while still trying to enjoy the last bit of my summer, hanging out with my friends, attending concerts, going to dinners, plenty of Netflix binges, and more!

Summary of what I am saying? life is busy y’all, and I know all of you are too! If your classroom isn’t done, that is OK! If you aren’t organized? That is fine too! Didn’t get everything done this summer that you would’ve liked? That is OK too! As teachers, we need give ourselves a break more often. I keep seeing the quote everywhere “you can do anything, but not everything.” We are all guilty of trying to do it all, we spread ourselves too thin.  I know each and every one of you have been working tirelessly on all that is life.  That work might be things with your family, your classroom to do list, dedicated time to your personal life, etc. Life is crazy, and there are so many different things that need your time, you are pulled in a million different directions. Know you are awesome! You are going to be the best teacher and are being placed in each of those kiddos lives for a reason, and you will make a difference.  The work you do may not be seen, but I see you, and you are an inspiration!

LOVE you all, and good luck starting your school year!

Kat Scantlin

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